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With years of experience in water sports business we are experts in installation and our equipment and service will give you the best operation and maintenance of your park. Our mission is to share our knowledge and experience to give you the best possible support in running your business smoothly and ensuring the best performance and revenue.


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Right equipment, vast knowledge and extraordinary service will ensure the best possible performance and revenue with your Aquaglide park.
Counseling and support
Our counseling team can guide and assist you through setup and/or give you all information you need to start a successful aqua park business. We will provide you with all the answers you need from strategic planning to training and management.
Professional training
Our team can provide you training and know-how knowledge so your aqua park can run smooth and flawlessly. We want our clients to get extra service and value that will lead to long-term profitability.
Anchor schemes
Anchor setup is one of most important steps in aquapark assembly. We can scheme and position your park at perfect point of your desired location considering all of your information and data such as depth below elements, waves, sea current, wind direction and tide.
Aquapark Assembly
Aquapark Service team is a team of experienced divers with great understanding and knowledge on underwater and aquapark work. We can plan and organize projects from our office and finish work by assembling your park on location so you can have peace of mind during installation and focus on business preparations.
International Service
Aquapark Service team is here for customers and dealers have problems with complicated repairs. We are here to help you with our knowledge, experience, custom made tools and proven glues, sewing materials. Experienced PVC welders are here to ensure that any complicated repair is done properly and your park works flawlessly at any given moment.
Yacht Aquaparks
Aquapark Service team has experience with installing single elements and complete parks on super and mega yachts. We are here to give you premium service for your premium accommodation.
Hours under water

Aquapark Service Team

Meet the people that are going to take your business to the next level these guys are a team of experienced divers with great understanding and knowledge on underwater and aquapark work.

Aquapark Police



Aquapark Police


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From our experience it's not always in dimensions, bigger and better elements. Sometimes smaller elements are just the right choice for you. Contact us and let us give you the best recommendation for your individual needs.
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E-mail: info@aquapark-service.com Phone: +00385 99 363 0921